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Locked! [1/28/10 @ 8pm]
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[6/23/06 @ 10pm]
If you DON'T like what I post about, Take me off your fucking friends list.

Is it that fucking hard? Gosh.
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2005 _;; in way of photographs & memories [12/27/05 @ 6pm]
[ mood | busy ]

2005 [ in most ways] was the worst year of my life.
In other ways, it was tolerable because of things such as; Jennifer, weeding-out drama, kick-ball, Lulla Belle & Ronnie.

So, Here's my photo gallery of the year 2005.

2---0---0---5. Good riddance!Collapse )
In 2005 I met some of the best & worst people.
I interacted with friends more that ever.
I was without my best happiness for much of the new year.
There was TOO MUCH drama in 2005.
I became a make-out whore.
I partied. A little too much, perhaps.
I met Ronnie.
I finally got a boxer.
I became obsessed with Breakfast At Tiffanys.
I became very depressed.
One of my best friends tried to commit suicide.
While my father entered re-hab for his battle with alcoholism, my mothers problems worsened.

I don't know. I hated this year.

I hope yours was better than mine.

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